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Still Alive

November 27, 2010 6 comments

Despite the lack of visible work, progress is being made. I just merged in my local changes, which bring the Converter class to about where it needs to be for our first release. Kotarf and fudgemutator have been planning and starting in on the implementation of converter management. Jonnyk127 continues to work on the GUI. Blahbots is building a graphical converter description file creator. Casperdogg is learning cmake to get a working build system up and running. We’re working towards getting a first release together, so that others can start playing with our code.

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GUI Progress

November 6, 2010 13 comments


Just thought I should provide an update since we’ve made a lot of progress in the last few weeks.

We’ve redesigned the entire GUI. A windows and linux version appear below:





Jon K is working on making it more functional while the rest of us continue work on the back end code.

Some audio conversions using LAME are actually working now. Our program is able to take an input and output format, load an XML file describing how to call LAME, and execute the conversion properly. The XML format has come a long way and is far more general now.

For cross-platform support, we will be using Boost Threads and Boost Filesystem. Boost has been successfully compiled and incorporated into the project as of last week (November 01). For now, conversions will be run on up to 5 threads concurrently. This number will eventually be made to dynamically increase or shrink depending on how many cores the user has/performance with previous numbers of threads.

Still a lot more work to be done!


Edit: I found the large images and linked them.

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Progress and CLI options

November 4, 2010 7 comments

We continue to make progress.  We now have a target feature set for an initial working build, and are closing in on completion.  I just performed the first successful conversion using my Converter framework, the descendent of the Plugin architecture I talked about in our first presentation.  We are targeting for feature completion tonight, so that we can work out integration issues and get a program that actually runs.

For the most part, progress is going well.  Within my code, the biggest obstacle to having a full set of basic functionality is what I’ve been referring to as argument options.  These are command-line flags that take arguments.  The problem is there is no clear standard for these options, from -l{filename} in GNU ld to -V{0-9} in LAME to -loop {number} in mplayer and -o {filename} in FLAC.  The Converter framework needs to:

  • Pass the arguments to the program correctly – programs with a space before the option  expect it as the next argument passed, while those without expect in the same argument.
  • Handle the option content – some options are one of a set of possibilities, some are a number, some are an arbitrary string.
  • Provide configuration hints to the GUI – We are generating the settings pages dynamically, so I need to tell the GUI what is valid, and give info on a sensible way to expose it.

Once this issue has been dealt with, the framework will be largely complete, enough to start building out converter support.

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