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GUI and Configuration Progress


I just committed a new version to devel, which includes a bunch of new stuff!

  • Plugin Configuration MenupluginSettings_03082011Red colored plugins indicate that there was an error loading them.  This could either be that the executable they depend on couldn’t be found or that an executable with the correct name was found but it didn’t match the signature described by the plugin (it wasn’t the correct program even though it had the same name).
  • Plugin Properties Menu: If you double click on a plugin in the list or click on one and click properties, you get the following:



  • About Dialogabout_03082011
  • General Bug Fixes:  A lot of bug fixes went into this commit as well.  There were some problems with ExecHelper.h (as usual).
  • Restructuring: A lot of code has been moved to BackendManager where it should be and code in general there has been cleaned up (for instance, $PATH is no longer grabbed 3 times, it is grabbed once while the configuration file is being loaded and then stored for later use).  Comments have also been changed to fit DOxygen’s format so we can have auto-generated documentation pages (complete with UML diagrams *happyface*)

Lots more to come!


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Fixed windows release

March 8, 2011 145 comments

I fixed the windows release and put it back up as version 0.2a, check to get it.  It also has some of the other features we’re working on that aren’t fully functional yet but still are useful, such as being able to view your installed plugins and details about them.


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29,986 and counting…

March 6, 2011 239 comments

I just finished a Red Bull fueled all-night coding session at RPI’s Facebook hackathon. During the 8+ hours I was coding, I added several fun new things, namely:

Better redirect support. The execution backend can now redirect the output of stdout or stderr to a string in the program, as well as a file. This requires a blocking execution, so that the string doesn’t get built until the program finishes.

Dynamic format support determination. It is now possible to set run-time determined format support in a converter’s XML file, by running a regular expression on the program’s output.

A new converter. I’m pleased to welcome Unoconv to the converters we have XML files written for. Unoconv uses OpenOffice to automatically convert documents, greatly strengthening our previously weak document support.

Together, by using the new dynamic format determination on ImageMagick and Unoconv, my build of unibatchconv reports 29,986 direct conversions. That figure includes all permutations of supported formats where a single stage conversion is possible, but doesn’t include conversions that require multiple steps. We do support those conversions, just my method for counting working conversions doesn’t. Some of these fun and exciting new features haven’t made it to our main development branch yet, and are still in xmldev. Notably, stderr redirection has no support under windows right now, and the xmldev branch won’t build because the windows execution backend doesn’t accept the stderr argument yet. The other reason they haven’t been pushed is that we have a new dependency, Boost::regex, for the regular expression support, and I want to give our other developers fair warning before I break their build environments.

Finally, if you’ve tried to download our 0.2 windows build, you may have noticed it doesn’t work. When I made it, I forgot to include the DLLs, and haven’t had time at that machine to fix it. It is a known issue, and will be fixed soon.

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