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General Status Report

April 5, 2011 17 comments


We’re working hard to get another release going.  There are a few more things we’re finalizing to make that happen:

  • Finish adding multi-threaded plugin loading — This will make the GUI start up faster while simultaneously fixing other issues such as crashes that could occur as a result of a converter crashing.  The feature is implemented as of now on the “threadedPluginLoading” branch, it just needs to be thoroughly tested and optimized.  For example, currently the GUI just reloads tabs when a new plugin is detected (from scratch).  This should be optimized to cleanly and unobtrusively insert the new plugin into the existing tabs when appropriate and create a new tab if necessary.
  • More GUI feedback so user’s know what it’s doing.  For example, when adding large numbers of files, the GUI hangs for a while.  A progress indicator of some sort should indicate it’s adding the files (or, even better, it could do this in a background thread and not obstruct the GUI at all).
  • Along the same lines, we need a solution for showing progress for single conversions, possibly even when a converter doesn’t reveal how far along it is in its conversion.  If this isn’t possible, we should at least show a busy signal of some sort to let the user know it is indeed working still.
  • Finish GUI side implementation for Advanced options.  A lot of work has gone into this already and it is almost done.  There are a few minor bugs to fix with it still.
  • Fix multistage conversions from not producing inefficient paths to the correct output type.
  • Windows Installer and Linux Packages

Some bug fixes worth mentioning:

  • There was a linux bug where since we were forking and calling “exec” to call converters, if the exec call failed the child process would continue running and we would then have 2 universal batch converters running.  Einarin promptly fixed this by dividing by 0 to crash the child process when exec failed.  This was clearly the only and best fix; that is, until we realized we could just call exit() instead…but that’s so much less exciting than dividing by 0.
  • Fixed the first deadlock we’ve ever gotten when loading multiple plugins simultaneously.
  • Many other bug fixes not worth commenting on.

Mac Support Progress

  • What’s a Mac?


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