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GetConversion redone.

June 11, 2011 160 comments


I finally got around to reimplementing GetConversion.  It now correctly will find a greedy path to the target output if a direct path is not available.  By greedy path I mean it does a breadth first search of the tree of possibilities and picks lossless conversions over lossy conversions and higher priority converters over lower priority converters at each stage.  This is optimal for direct and 2 stage conversions, but beyond that it is possible to get a non-optimal path, though it doesn’t really matter enough to use Dijstras, which could slow the algorithm down quite a bit.

A lot of bugs were fixed in Converter as well.

Finally, the project now compiles and runs on OSX.

More to come,


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Lots of new features

June 7, 2011 309 comments


We have recently pushed a lot of new features to the devel branch as well as bug fixes.


  • Unicode filename support (still some bugs to figure out but it works)
  • Moved logging out to its own class, which removes the dependency on Qt if CL_VERSION is declared.  This is significant because Qt is huge so when we release the command line version, a user will be able to simply download and convert things with that and won’t have to download Qt (which is > 1GB) unless they want the GUI.
  • Improved dynamically detecting which formats a converter supports on a given operating system by querying the underlying converter.  Example: ffmpeg doesn’t support mp3 on linux by default, but we now will not display mp3 as an output since we ask ffmpeg what it supports instead of listing static values for it.
  • Smarter format detection all around (We identify lossy vs lossless, and equivalent formats such as mp4 and m4v are now recognized as equivalent)

We’re working on a new website, hosting service, and blog.  This will come with a name change because Universal Batch Converter is far too long and hard to abbreviate since UBC is taken.

We’re still working on fixing our multi-stage conversions (That is, converting from .X to .Y and then from .Y to .Z reliably, which is useful when there is no converter that goes directly from .X to .Z).  As soon as we get all of this stuff

Mac Support:

We have a mac for the summer! We will be working on getting this bad boy up and running on it as soon as possible and our next release should have a mac version as well!

That’s all for now,


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