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Upcoming release, Alpha 0.2…

February 16, 2011 79 comments

Hi everyone,

I’m excited to announce the first “useful” release is scheduled for this weekend. I say “useful” meaning the last release wasn’t stable enough or expandable enough to use. This one should not only be useful, but expandable, and update-able.

We have a few bugs to fix before the release can happen:
-Temporary files need to be created and deleted in a cleaner fashion
-Menus need to be finished and a few other UI tweaks need to be made

Planned changes in Alpha 0.2…
– Automatic update notifications
– Many many more supported conversions. Specifically, the following have been added: apache tika.xml, celtdev.xml, celtenc.xml, faac.xml, faad.xml, flake.xml, timidity.xml, twolame.xml, wavpack.xml
– Support for script or emulator based converters (Ex: a java or python converter)
– Some UI improvements such as more intuitive button locations and a css-styled console (Basic color conventions…red means bad, green means good, white is verbose).
– LOTS of stability fixes and error handling. Even more needs to be done for future releases, stability is key.
– Correctly implemented multistage conversions (Ex: You have a converter than converts from .maya to .3ds and from .3ds to .xsi but want to go from .maya to .xsi, it will do the intermediary .maya to .3ds transparently)
– As always, updated xml format.

Up Next…

The next major goal is to support advanced options for converters. (Example, ImageMagick supports resizing images when you convert them, so “target size” would be an option in the “advanced options” menu in the GUI that would add the appropriate command line flags when invoking the conversion)


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