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GUI update

Hi everyone,
Here are a couple of new gui features I’ve been working on lately.
Drag and Drop:
It is now possible to drag entire folders from the file tree on the left and drop them in the list of files on the right.
One thing I do have a question about is this, if you perform a drop directly into one of the tabs, should it grab all files or only the ones that belong in that tab?

Color indication about file progress:

Basically this feature highlights in progress conversions in yellow, and successfully completed conversions in green. The green boxes last for about 3 seconds and then the file is removed from the list.

Possible future improvements:
Have a sound clip play as a file is about to be removed from the list.
Have the box flash green twice before disappearing.

Contextual Convert Button:
This is actually a rather simple feature technically speaking, but I think it actually makes the program way more usable. The convert button is now contextual based on which tab the user is currently viewing.
This feature can be viewed in the above screenshot.

Intelligent Tab Switching
This feature occurs as a convenience for the user. When new files are added to the “to be converted list,” the category that they belong int is automatically switched to.

To completely understand the above features I believe it is easier to experience them through a demo. As luck would have it, this Friday, September 30, we will be presenting the project at the weekly RCOS meeting.

Until Next TIme,

Jonathan Kriss

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  1. September 30, 2011 at 5:14 pm

    Hey guys,
    Convalot looks really cool, but I wasn’t able to find a binary anywhere after I installed it on OS X 10.6. Digging around in the .pkg, it looks to me like the binary didn’t make it in.

    I went to file a ticket to note this on SourceForge, but I was denied with the error message “write permission required”. I tried forking the project on SF so I could submit a patch, but I can’t figure out how to submit patches.

    Getting people to contribute to your OSS project can be difficult, but the easiest place to optimize is lowering the barrier to entry. The barrier for me to contribute here was too high 😦

    • October 21, 2011 at 6:41 pm

      Hi Eric,

      Thanks for trying out our project. We were actually unaware that people couldn’t submit tickets, I’ll set that up.
      We have very finicky mac support right now because none of us have a mac to test on at the moment so we’ll try to get that barrier down for people to help us out =D

      Thanks again,

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